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Display Week is the world’s most prestigious forum that attracts the brightest minds and innovations in visual information technology. Society for Information Display is composed of thousands of purpose-driven innovators, technologists, scientists, device makers, designers, developers, researchers, system integrators, OEMs, ODMs, and value-add suppliers that embody the growing global electronic display ecosystem. Society for Information display presents 57th Annual Display Week International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco June 7-12, 2020.


Job Fair will take place in the afternoon on Wednesday, June 10, from 12:00 pm to 04:00 pm  at the  San Francisco Moscone Center, CA. 

What are we doing to encouurage employers and attendees to participate?
•    We are reaching out to all nearby schools, and encourage students to participate in this Job Fair
•    Talk to various school professors and spread the information of Display week 2020 Job Fair. 
•    Sending out regular e-blasts to promote our Job Fair and Job Fair updates.
•    Reaching out to many employers to make full use of this opportunity
•    All the participating employers will be listed on our website
•    Promoting our Job Fair event on various social medias.

Display Week exhibit puts your company at the epicenter of the world's most comprehensive exhibition, technical symposium, and business conference showcasing the latest display technology, products, interfaces, systems, and knowledge for the development, advancement, and commercialization of electronic information displays. More than 8,000 visitors attend from more than 40 countries, 6 regions, large and small companies with all the job functions that matter. This is a perfect opportunity for your organization to speak with potential hires.


If you have questions about the Job Fair, please contact Shrilaxmi Holla at (408) 963-2237 or email at shrilaxmi@sid.org

We are excited to see you all participating in the job fair. We will be providing refreshments to all the participants.


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